Collection: FENOMENA

Fenomena was created in 2012 by its designer Alejandra Llano. Today she defines her jewelry as a mixture of the modern and the classic (she seeks timelessness), where the emerald is the protagonist and plays a central role in the design.

With the idea of restoring the emerald to the relevant role that it has played in the image of our country, in 2015 the designer decided to explore and work with this stone, mainly in its raw state (Morralla) and has since made it in an essential part of the brand's DNA.

"The emerald is involved in all our collections and we use it with different techniques. It is always a challenge, due to the properties of the precious stone. The goal is to produce an authentic jewel, current where the beauty of the stone is highlighted."
All jewels are made by hand, mainly bronze is used as a metal and 24 carat gold baths.