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Caras & Studs - JETLAGMODE
Caras & Studs - JETLAGMODE
Caras & Studs - JETLAGMODE

Caras & Studs Earrings

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Inspired by our artisans, Caras & Studs earrings have been created with the ultimate goal of honoring each of the people who are part of our team of artisans.

They are made with recycled cedar wood, collected from the large wood shops in Medellin, where we buy the small remnants, avoiding tons of waste which allow us to make our contribution to a more conscious production.

Each piece is carved around and by hand by Luis, an expert in wood carving, in his workshop. First, the wood must go through a removal process to prevent the final product from deforming, that is why it is left to dry between 3 and 4 days, and then goes on to carving. Each pair of earrings takes a full day to be carved in detail and is finally finished with a special material to protect the piece. This work is done with liquid porcelain and is made by Luis, an expert in wood carving. The art of applying porcelain tile well is quite complex, because if it is applied incorrectly, brushstrokes or patches would appear damaging all the previous work done. Then Luis goes on to make the holes to put the rings that finally allow the grip to the gold piece (Studs) and also for the details in freshwater pearls.

The union between artisans and jewelers always passses trouh a curation process by our production leaders, both in Medellin and Cali, for quality control. The sample process and final approval of the chosen figure was approximately 8 months.

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